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About Us In Ottawa Bankruptcy & Debt Counsellors. Since 1997, Surgeson Carson Associates Inc. has been providing individuals, families, businesses and corporations with the tools needed to secure their financial future. We are a team of qualified professional accountants, trustees in bankruptcy and specialized staff, who pride ourselves in the solution oriented approach to your problems.

Our focus is to ensure that you solve your financial problems. We are committed to providing solutions that will improve your quality of life, help you gain financial control and achieve your personal and financial goals.

If you are having money problems, we invite you to either call us, email us or walk-though our bankruptcy resources. Whatever the issues, our Ottawa debt counselling staff can help you.

There is no case that we are not able to handle. With the help of professional bad credit mortgage experts in Mississauga we are ready to consider all options related to your debts and find the best way-out for the most difficult situation!

There may be other options besides bankruptcy.

About Bankruptcy is a resource for financial assistance, advice and services across Canada. They offer financial services to individuals or businesses in over 26 different cities across Canada.

Canadians have money problems and are not sure how to find help. They are not going to ask people they know for advice; rather they are going to turn to the internet to find financial help resources. Whether they are seeking credit couselling help or bankrupcy, annonimity is critical. The Canadian Bankruptcy Network is a strong alliance of Bankruptcy Trustees across Canada, that can help you regain your confidence, security, freesom and happiness.


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