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Money Management

"In most cases, when people make more money, they get deeper in debt. This is why money alone does not make you rich." Robert Kiyosaki

In Canada, the discharge of your bankruptcy gives you a fresh financial start. Most bankruptcies in Canada are caused by a combination of a misfortune (accidents, chronic medical conditions, the loss of a job, the break-up of a marriage) that lowers income and financial decisions that, looking back, people would have done differently.

It is in your power to make different choices about how you deal with money from now on. Simply by changing a few habits, you can make sure you are never again in a position where you have to worry about money. Take full advantage of the new beginning offered by bankruptcy.

If you go into a bookstore you can find dozens of books on money management. They may offer different tips or techniques, but the essential road to financial health lies in three basic steps:

  1. Know what you make and what you spend.
  2. Pay yourself first.
  3. Do not accumulate consumer debt.

Each step presents a slightly different challenge. Most people who successfully make these changes admit that the first couple of months can be tough at times. It’s like going to the gym; the first couple of sessions take the most effort. Once it becomes habit and a regular part of your life, you do it without thinking and reap the benefits.

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